Meow Wolf Denver Review

Meow Wolf Denver Review

Oliver Boucher, Author

One of the best things to do in Denver is going to Meow Wolf. It is amazing, so if you are on the fence about going, just go! In case you are looking for a reason, here are the pros and cons:

Starting with the pros, the first one is that the artwork and detail are just stunning. The amount of effort they put into this really shows. Another pro is that there is an entire story to it and it is very interesting. If you are wondering if you will get bored, you won’t. There are hours of things to do including but not limited to, traveling between dimensions, becoming best friends with a sloth made out of moss, rat fights, shopping on C-Street, and getting laundry done. 

Now we are getting into the cons. The first one is that in order to complete the story, you have to buy a “Q-Card” for $2 at the information desk. It is not necessary to do this, but it might add to your experience. It is really annoying to complete the story because you need to walk around and scan a bunch of stations that give you randomized things. About 1/10 times do you get a part of the story. Another big con is the food. It is pretty overpriced and not that good. You are better off waiting until you leave and going to a fast-food restaurant.

With all things considered, overall meow wolf is one of the best places I have ever been to! I recommend you go, just don’t buy the food and stay safe.