Is AAU Too Extreme

Jordan Alexander, Author

Aau might be too extreme. Two NBA players Lamelo Ball and Lonzo Ball are brothers who played Aau a lot on their way to the NBA traveling to different states and camps to play different teams in different states after or before or during school basketball.

Lonzo Ball has been sidelined since January 14, 2022, with a lingering knee injury and hasn’t played this season at all and most likely he will miss most of next season. Lonzo Ball will undergo a third surgery on his left knee, Bulls PR confirms. A timetable for his return is uncertain and will not be known until surgery is completed, per the source. And even then, the timeline could be nebulous.

Charlotte Hornets guard, LaMelo Ball, will be out for the season with a fractured right ankle. Lamelo suffered the injury in Charlotte’s 117-106 home win against Detroit on Feb 28, 2023. When Lamelo had his injury he had an awkward fall when he did a behind-the-back crossover he landed wrong but nobody thought of it until he fell in pain limping off the court.

Both Ball brothers had a TV show about their family that also featured Lavar Ball, the dad of the three children, and the third child Liangelo, who had a bumpy career. Liangelo went to UCLA like Lonzo and while on a trip to Japan with his team, he and two other players stole some things from the store and got caught and arrested President Trump got them released and back to the US but Liangelo, who just stole a pair of glasses, was suspended indefinitely from the UCLA basketball program.

Lavar Ball is a successful businessman who after all 3 of his kids got famous for being so good and making insane plays and playing together. Lavar started a TV show about them and started a brand called “BBB” which stands for Big Baller Brand which helped his kids get more recognition.

Lamelo Ball and Lonzo Ball are great players whose careers are doing well. Besides their injuries they are one of the only players to play lots of Aau and now that Aau is getting bigger and bigger will it affect other young stars?