Spring Break Travel


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Spring Break sign with beach background

Jordan Alexander, Author

Most people in the US travel on spring break to somewhere with better weather and cooler things to do like go to a March Madness game. More than 158 million passengers are expected to travel for spring break this year, a volume that’s expected to surpass 2019 levels, according to a forecast by the trade association Airlines for America. For people in Colorado, it’s not as good weather and so most people would want somewhere hot like the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Mexico, and Florida. Or if you want somewhere to maybe ski or snowboard you basically should just stay cause Colorado has some of the best
ski/ snowboarding resorts in the country. Some places I wouldn’t suggest Mexico because right now Mexico isn’t that safe and is bad.
For Spring Break you should think about places you’ve wanted to go or haven’t gone yet or maybe go see some family out of state but during spring break you don’t have to travel people stay just take a week off or do some stuff at home.