Wear a Mask Or Die

Wear a Mask Or Die

Sidney Pham, Writer


Covid-19 pro cautions are to wear a mask or you can die. Many people have died from refusing to wear a mask when they go out in public places,wearing a mask helps people around you and to hopefully stop the spread of Covid-19. People wear masks because they want to help the world and they don’t want to get Covid and spread it to their family members. And if you wear a mask people won’t give you bad looks or give you a bad title but that doesn’t really matter it helps to stop the spread.


Some of the best masks are the surgical ones you can buy at your local grocery store or basically anywhere. A lot of stores are selling them now. There are a bunch of different designs like cow prints,solid colors and any design you like. Masks have become a normal thing now for our world which is kind of sad to say although, it helps Covid to stop spreading.


This man in Ohio died, he was a veteran and he died on July 4th, he was only 37! The reason why he died was he got Covid and he refused to wear a mask and he did not fight it. There are a lot more names of people and dates of people who died refusing to wear a mask. So even if you don’t like wearing a mask or think it makes you look stupid just wear one.


Even if you’re young and healthy doesn’t mean you can’t catch covid and not get sick from it. Lots of people encourage you to wear a mask and it does make a change. Not only does face masks help the spread it also helps when you sneeze or have a stuffy nose or even cough it helps it not spread in the air or get on to other people. And this even might sound crazy but it even helps so that when people talk you don’t get germs which I don’t really get but it still helps the air and germs so it doesn’t spread.

Covid-19 started when this girl in China ate a bat and she got a deadly disease from it. How did Covid-19 get it’s label? CO’ stands for ‘corona,’ ‘VI’ for ‘virus,’ and ‘D’ for disease and 19 because the pandemic started in 2019. Covid-19 started to become a pandemic because everyone started getting it and catching Corona. And a lot of people didn’t care at all in the beginning and now everyone is worried which is understandable. But in my opinion I think that everyone should have taken this seriously because now it’s a global pandemic and it has made a lot of people die from just a woman eating an animal. So I think everyone should wear masks even though they don’t like it, it still helps around the world and gives everyone a favor.