NCAA March Madness Upsets in First and Second Rounds

NCAA March Madness Upsets in First and Second Rounds

Hank Bangert, Author

          In what is quickly becoming one of the most unpredictable NCAA March Madness tournaments in recent memory, the first and second rounds of the men’s basketball competition saw some major upsets that have left fans stunned and brackets busted.

          The madness started in the very first game of the tournament, when 16th-seeded Florida Gulf Coast University took down top-seeded Gonzaga in a thrilling overtime game that had fans on the edge of their seats. The win marked the first time in NCAA history that a 16th-seeded team had beaten a No. 1 seed, and set the tone for what was to come. As the first round continued, more upsets followed. 13th-seeded Ohio University knocked off fourth-seeded Virginia, while 12th-seeded Oregon State took down fifth-seeded Tennessee. Meanwhile, other lower-seeded teams like Loyola-Chicago and North Texas continued to defy expectations by winning their games and advancing to the second round.

          The second round saw even more surprises. Eighth-seeded Loyola-Chicago pulled off another upset by beating top-seeded Illinois, while 11th-seeded Syracuse defeated third-seeded West Virginia. Other lower-seeded teams like Oregon State and Abilene Christian continued their Cinderella runs by knocking off higher-ranked opponents. The upsets have left many fans scratching their heads and wondering what has caused all the chaos. Some experts point to the unusual circumstances of this year’s tournament, which is being played entirely in one location due to COVID-19 restrictions. Others believe that the lack of a dominant team this year has made the field more wide open than usual.

          Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: this year’s NCAA March Madness tournament has been one for the ages, and it’s far from over. With plenty of underdogs still in the running and more upsets surely to come, fans can expect the madness to continue all the way to the Final Four.