Students Using The Elevator

Over the last couple of weeks, There has been an increase in students using the elevator instead of using the stairs. But why do students do this? Why don’t students want to use the stairs? 

Many students complain about all the stairs they have to go up just to get to the 3rd floor Especially, after coming back from recess and lunch. Is that really true though? Or is it because students are just lazy to go up all the stairs and just prefer to take the elevator to save them time and energy? 

But, there is a problem with students using the Elevator. There are people that actually need to use the elevator like people who are in a wheelchair, have crunches, or even teachers that need to get to their classes on time. 

Students are not allowed to use the elevator because if there is an immediate emergency where someone has to use the elevator it will be available to that person. But, if the students keep using the elevator, the elevator may not be available to the person in an emergency. 

The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Deans should prevent this from happening by watching the security cams more often and keeping track of the elevator during passing periods after coming back from recess/lunch and From periods five/six and should maybe even start putting security cameras by the elevator doors and should pay attention more often during that time.