The Most Terrifying Possessed Doll in the World


Juliet Sherman, Author

Robert was a handmade cloth doll given to a boy named Eugene Robert Otto (often called Gene) by a servant that worked for his parents. He immediately was attached to the doll – they were inseparable. He made sure he had everything, even a small plushie. But it soon became clear that Robert wasn’t just a normal doll, and is possessed. When Gene was 10 years old, he awoke in his bed at home (now called the Artist’s House, which is located at 534 Eaton Street) to Robert sitting at the edge of his bed, staring at him. Moments later, his mother was woken up by Gene screaming for help. She obviously leaped out of bed and tried desperately to open Gene’s door – but it was locked. She could hear all of the furniture being upturned in his bedroom. When she finally got the door open, she found Gene curled up in a ball of sheets, crying. The whole room was trashed, with furniture and objects strewn all over the floor. Robert was still sitting on the edge of the bed. 

Gene often said “Robert did it!” whenever something strange happened. But it is still unclear if it was really Robert that caused these crazy occurrences. Some people don’t quite believe that that ever happened. But there were many other weird happenings later in time. Gene’s parents heard him talking to the doll and heard a completely different voice respond. They also saw his expressions change when listening to their conversations. They were all obviously scared – so they locked him in the attic. This didn’t stop him, though. They often noticed footsteps pacing the ceiling floor and heard devilish giggling and neighborhood kids claimed he was watching them from the window! But when Gene opened the door, he was always there in the window. No doubt he was cursed now! 

Gene died in 1974, and Robert was sent to East Martello Fort after the new owners of the house discovered him in the attic and realized he was crazy. He now is locked up in a glass box. You can visit him at the east martello fort museum, but beware, he has been seen doing super creepy things!