Denver’s Living Conditions


Jeffrey Grant, Author

A lot of  Denver natives or just people that have lived here for a long time will tell you that Denver is a good and fun place to live with a lot of opportunities for everything, but is Denver that good of a place to live?

Many different factors can play a role in a place being good to live in. That can include the cost of living, the niceness of the area, what streets the house is by, the homeless population, and many more things. There has been a pretty big homeless crisis in Denver in the past few years which has had some of the people that live here scared. I have had my own experiences with homeless people trying to find a place to sleep. One time a homeless person tried to break into my neighbor’s car.  Depending on if you live near a sketchy street or in a sketchy neighborhood homelessness might not be an issue.

Many of Denver’s homes Have gone up in price exponentially in the past couple of years which caused some people to have to move out of Denver and find a new place to live. The increase in pricing has caused many other issues, it also has fed the homelessness issue to increase even more. It has also made some people need to get more jobs to work just so they can live in a below-average apartments. Some stay for the amazing skiing and snowboarding and some stay just simply because they can’t leave even if they wanted to. 

The area also plays a big role in the safety of living here. In places like Park Hill, it is pretty nice to live in, even though there are two pretty dangerous streets right next to it, Colfax being one of them. The community in Park Hill is very good and everyone is pretty nice to each other. If you are planning on living near the civic center though, it might be a different story.

So, Is Denver a good and nice place to live? There are many factors to it but overall I think that Denver is not the best place to live, but still a good place to live. I would recommend it to someone who loves to ski and snowboard.