Pizzeria Locale: One of the Best Pizza Restaurants in Denver

Pizzeria Locale

A picture of one of the locations of the restaurant.

Webb Lynott, Author

Pizzeria Locale is a Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant that can be found in 5 different locations throughout Denver. It is rated four stars on Yelp and serves many different kinds of pizza. They also have great staff, indoor and outdoor seating, and a build-your-own menu with lots of different options to choose from. 

On the menu, Pizzeria Locale features many different kinds of pizza. From a cheese pizza to a barbecue chicken pizza, you’ll find that anything you get will be divine. On the dessert menu, you have Nutella Pizza and a bundino. A bundino is a dessert that features butterscotch pudding with chocolate and whipped cream, and a Nutella Pizza is- well- you guessed it; a pizza with Nutella spread all over it. Whatever you choose on the menu will be delicious.

For an average pizza, it will cost $9-13, which is moderately expensive. Each pizza is about 12 inches in diameter. Each Budino is about $4, which is not that bad considering how delicious it is. A Nutella Pizza is $5-6.

The restaurants have never been too busy in my personal experience, and I’ve never encountered a wait time. You can sit indoors and outdoors, and even one located on Broadway has private seating for any special events. 

There are 5 different locations in this restaurant featuring Broadway, Greenwood Village, 9th and CO, Central Park, and Highlands. Any of these locations is a great choice. 

Overall, Pizzeria Locale is a great restaurant that you should check out to replenish your hunger.