Our School Bathrooms


Julia Hadzisadikovic, Staff writer

We all have been to the bathroom at least once this year so there is a chance that when you have gone that there was something broken. It could have been the soap dispenser, paper Dispenser, or even one of the toilets but the question is what is happening when they are broken, is someone breaking them, or is it all the same person? But how often do these things get fixed? We know that they don’t get fixed every day, so how often do they get fixed, is it every week, every other day, or just every three days? Is there a chance that they get fixed/ “refilled” over the weekends? Another thing that is not the way it is supposed to be is that in the 6th-grade bathroom, the door for the big stall is the other way around so you can’t close it but why has no one fixed it if it is so easy to switch it around in the first place and will it be fixed before next year?


Another thing is that there is not enough time to even go to the bathroom during the passing period because it takes you two minutes to open your locker and get and put in the things that you need to do and if you need to get from one class to another it will take at least one minute to get there. But the lines to go to the bathrooms are way too long it will take the whole passing period to just go to the bathroom and get to your next class by running and some teachers make you call someone to give you a pass if you are late so you will miss even more class which does not make any sense because it is very inefficient. 


One of the most annoying things about the bathrooms is that there are only three per floor so on the 6th and 7th-grade floors there are two for one gender and one for the other but on the 8th-grade floor there is one male, one female, and one nonbinary restroom which should be in all grades instead of just in the 8th-grade floor. Another thing that would make things more efficient is if they would let one boy and one girl go at the same time because usually the bathrooms are in different directions so they would not “fool around” in the halls and they would not make any noise so more people would be able to go at a  time.