Marvel’s Avengers: The Game is Really Bad

Marvel's Avengers: The Game is Really Bad

Henry Kirk, Writer

Marvelś Avengers, the new game released on September 4th, has received extensive criticism from the majority of itś players and reviewers. The game is a role playing brawler game developed by Ubisoft, with a 50% rating on IGN and Gamespot. Reviews on gaming platforms say that it’s “okay but not optimized and a short corny story”, plus “it crashes every three seconds, along with “light your 60$ on fire. it is more entertaining¨. Out of about 10000 steam reviews, about half are negative, and only 38% of critics would recommend playing the game. Along with that, about 1 in 5 times the game gets refunded. In response to the negative reviews of the game, Marvel and Ubisoft have stated that they have plans to fix the game by remaking the character models so they look more like the original actors. Along with releasing downloadable content that has a Spiderman, Black Panther, and a Hawkeye character. However many people are doubtful that it´ll fix it.