What The World Will Be Like In 2050

What The World Will Be Like In 2050

Zenat Zumer, Writer

You may believe that the world will not change much by 2050 because 2050 is just 27 years away but, many articles are suggesting that big changes could happen from wars to technology. Let’s find out!

By 2050 many government and health experts suggest that to keep the world from damaging global pollution they must reach a net of zero greenhouse gas emissions but also need to keep the Arctic from cooling off and melting away. Floods are likely to happen as global warming increases more and more, in fact, many scientists are said to believe that there will be lost cities such as Miami because of rising water levels. By 2050 there will be about 9.8 billion humans on Earth this can cause many infectious viruses and bacteria to travel around faster and as the water level increases many people will likely move to mile-high places like Denver if you think about it Denver cannot hold a lot of people so there could be another New York in the west. 

Now that you’ve understood the negatives, there are also many positives in the future!

Aging also has an impact on humans, because by the year 2050 humans are said to live up to 120 years of age.  150 years ago, scientists believed that 40 was the oldest age and nowadays people’s ages go up to 100 or even 109 years of age. Imagine living up to 120 years in the future, it’s going to be insane. The reason this is happening is that new technology and lab tests are improving. There will be many vaccines that are curing many diseases, many of the top viruses such as HIV and malaria have little to no cures but researchers are confident that within 20 years they can design a vaccine that can prevent these infections. Other positives are, safer cars, Artificial Intelligence, humans will rely on renewable clean energy and artificial body parts will now be in place leaving organ shortages as a solved problem.

Although, 2050 is pretty close to this year many things will happen because technology is rising and many countries are now focusing on science which could be a good change or a bad change.