The Forest of the Lost Souls

The Forest of the Lost Souls

Ingrid Ball, Author

I walked with my classmates and Ms. Holly down the trail.

“Alright, everybody. Pair up with a group of four people, and take your time as you explore the trail. There are lots to see, so keep your exploring eyes open.” Ms. Holly was my fifth-grade teacher, and she was pretty cool. And I had my friend in class.

“MADDIE!!” I saw Alli running towards me. “Come on. I’ve got Vera and Greta together.”

I grabbed her hand, and we ran over to Vera and Greta.

“Yes! Alrighty, let’s go,” said Vera.

“Where to? We could go to the mountain thing we saw earlier or that cave thing…”

“We should go to that barn we saw!” shouted Alli.

“Totally, maybe there are chickens or something there,” I said.

“Exactly, full of adventure! Let’s do it!” So then we left. The main trail grew smaller and smaller as we walked in the direction of the mountains. There were rocks and cliffs everywhere and then the barn came into view. The chipped red-painted wood and the roof were in major need of a makeover.

“Guys, you can see my house from here!” shouted Vera. We all ran over to her and there it was, her farm and small but big house. The horses ran back and forth and you could see tiny little white dots that I knew by heart were her goats. Turtle and Fox. The turtle was my favorite goat because she acted like a dog and played fetch.

“I don’t know guys. What if the roof collapses on us or the walls cave in or there’s a ghost?” said Greta questionably.

But I led the way in and Greta followed us. There were spider webs everywhere and lots of dust. Old horseshoes lay all around and tiny bits of food crunched under our feet. The ceiling had holes in it so the shadows of birds flew over us and there were spots of random light that shined in my eyes.

All of a sudden, there was a whistling sound and I could hear Vera screaming and then everything went dark.

When I woke up, Vera was the first thing I saw.

“You’ve been out for 20 minutes and I have no idea where we are and I am really scared and we have no idea where Greta and Alli are.” I try to think back to what happened. I guess I was looking at an old mirror when Vera was shouting at us to come and look at something. Then, everything became a blue haze, and I heard Alli and Greta screaming.

“Okay”, I said. “Think back to what you that saw and what you where doing. I could tell she was trying really hard to think all the way back. I understood. It felt like forever ago.

“Okay. So, you now that old mirror you where looking at?” I nodded. It was one of the clearest memories I had. “Well, i was looking into a mirror too, at the same time, and I saw you thru the mirror. That’s why I called over Greta and Alli, bit then, we were here-”

Then there was a strange whistling sound, just like before everything went black. It gave me shivers. I could hear shouts and screams in the distance and I know that Vera could hear them too because of the look on her face. She was thinking what I was thinking. That the screams and shouts sounded just like Greta and Alli. We ran down a trail into the forest where we could hear the sounds. But then the trail vanished right under our feet and the screams faded into the whistling sound. I looked at Vera and she was as white as a ghost. I looked ahead and I saw Greta and Vera. But they looked different. Pale. Vera threw a stick at her and it went right threw Greta.

“I’m gonna faint!” said Vera.

“Help!” Greta screamed. “Help us!” Just then, many more ‘ghosts’ faded into view. They walked towards us and started to go in a circle around us. Soon, they were running and then they were going so fast, that it was just one big blur running around us. By then, Vera was screaming and I was getting dizzy and then, everything faded into a haze and the last thing I heard was that strange whistling.