Patrick Mahomes Signs a half a Billion-dollar Contract

NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes signs a 503 million dollar contract with the Kansas City Chiefs which will last him until he is 36 in 2031.

Patrick’s contract will be making him a total of 50.3 million dollars every year for 10 years. This is not only one of the most expensive contracts but one of the longest in NFL history. Patrick Mahomes has led the Chiefs to their 2nd ever Superbowl win. This means that Patrick Mahomes is one of the first players in Sports history to sign a 10 year contract with an organization.

The average football player’s salary in 2017 is roughly 2.7 million every year which means that Mahomes is making over 20 times the average football player’s salary for more than 10 years.

 This also means that he will make more in a year, than most football players their entire career. Most people would not know what do do with that much money and we will see what Mahomes will do with his. Patrick Mahomes will be making $1.60 dollars a second, $96 dollars every minute, 5.5 thousand dollars every hour, and 135 thousand per day.