The Drive of Crime

The Drive of Crime

Andro Olmedo, Author


In Denver, Colorado the crime rate (especially car theft) has increased sharply, most likely due to people being either homeless or poor/ not wealthy and needing a home, transportation, or money, the Denver civilians are worried about what to do about this robbery, which has turned violent in some cases as weapons were used, since 2019-2023. The car theft rate in Colorado is the highest in the nation. 

The effect of this on some Coloradans is that they need to buy new cars which make life harder for them. This can cause people to steal other people’s cars because they are in need of a car themselves. If you had bills or other mail in your car, even your vehicle registration or files from work, all of that is now lost. Any important information on you or anyone whose information is in your car is now in the hands of someone who is less than trustable. 

If we don’t stop the car theft rate the world will become poorer and more depressed. The reason why car theft is increasing is that no one tells the thieves to stop. More people will become homeless and not be able to get food or shelter, which causes death. If we don’t stop it now, it will become more of a problem in the future and not be able to stop or slow down. All problems should be acted upon at the root of the problem. We are a community, so please act like one. 

My Dad’s car was stolen on February 17, 2023 and it was horrible because we had only one car for a two-car family and we didn’t want to buy a new one so we had to wait to get it back. Thankfully, we got it back and it was not damaged badly. We had to get it professionally cleaned and washed. Some buttons were missing and it smelled of weed/pot. To get all of this fixed was $2,000.00 and it impacted us greatly. We are now back to normal and great. Even though the police helped us find the car, they didn’t find the car thief or tell us any information. Sadly, the officers are so busy with other thefts or crimes they have to move on and not really assist you. The car theft has impacted our lives, the police force, and the good of the world.

We are the community and we need to help the community out and make sure they have somebody to look after them and have their backs. We are all in this together, we are the people, so we should act like them and not steal from each other.