The Willow Project


Delaney Nakamura, Author

President Biden has approved the Willow Project which is putting 260 million metric tons of oil into Alaska’s water over the next 30 years to gain money and energy.

Just not too long ago, Biden approved this terribly threatening decision. He has just dug a deeper hole into our earth by approving this project. Our earth is in great danger.

You’re probably wondering why I am so upset and why this is such a big deal.  Let me explain, the Willow Project will produce 160,000 barrels of oil per day for 30 years. This will cause things like gas leaks, worse environmental problems, and mass extinction. Almost all of Alaska’s wildlife will die due to the oil poisoning their water and food sources, polluting their air, and will destroy and driving them out of their habitat. Also, this isn’t just affecting the animals it’s affecting us too.

We can stop this. Even though it has already been approved there is still a chance of stopping this. But we need to act NOW. We can stop this by protesting. “What about the petition?” you are probably thinking. Well, that won’t do anything because even though we got over 3,000,000 signatures Biden still approved it. So all we have left to do now is protest. We need to organize and plan a strike either in our city or in Washington D.C..

If we don’t stop this, then our generation’s children might not have a bright future. ACT NOW!