Water is the Best Drink

Water is the Best Drink

Owen Williams, Author

There is so much water in the world. Most of it is salt water, but there’s also frozen water, fresh water, warm water, cold water, dirty water, muddy water, artificial water, natural water, rainwater, puddle water, and tainted water… The list goes on

And that’s just one of the many benefits of water, there are so many types of water that anyone can have their taste, I like cool water, not too cold, with a hint of artificial, filtered purity. My dog likes whatever water he can find, the other day he tried to drink out of a ditch. Another benefit of water is how good it is for you. I mean it’s literally the healthiest thing you can consume, and you need it to live. Water isn’t hard to find, either, there are 2,526,000 gallons of drinkable water on earth, and more are being made by the second, by filters, springs, and even saltwater conversion. Most stores on earth sell healthy filtered water, and most of the world literally has it fall from the skies many times per year. Water shoots into our homes constantly, it heats us, nourishes us, and keeps us alive. Nothing Can beat that.

Some would say that juice or other vegetable/fruit drinks offer the benefits of water, but with included vitamins and minerals to help the body stay healthy. But, everyone likes the taste of water. Many people don’t like many types of many other drinks, but no one is allergic to or doesn’t like the taste of water. Water is much more available, as I said before, it’s hard not to find water in most places. I’m not discounting the fact that there’s also very dangerous water out there, but if you can get your hands on some good water, you’ll be happy and healthy guaranteed.

But, there’s a problem. Water isn’t available for all people, some people across the world in Africa and other places struggle to get enough water to nourish all of their citizens. And we can see the problem with not having drinking water readily available. People die quickly and the population dwindles, once again showing the importance of water and why it is the best drink. And when people do get their hands on some water, they become extremely happy, as it is the liquid of life, and all life thrives on it.