Pepsi Acquired the 6th Most Powerful Naval Fleet

Pepsi Acquired the 6th Most Powerful Naval Fleet

Anderson Crow and Nick Mercer

Just before the fall of the Soviet Union, PEPSI, and you heard it right, the soda production industry, had sold 3 billion dollars to the Soviet Union of Pepsi products for a naval military that was the 6th most powerful in the world at the time stamp of 1989. Through selling Pepsi products from 1961 – 1989 to be brought back with 17 submarines, a frigate, and one cruise destroyer for 3 billion dollars of Pepsi products to be sold to the Soviet Union (or modern-day Russia).


A Norwegian shipping company owned by a friend of Pepsi’s CEO Donald M Kendall announced it broke out a deal to buy Soviet warships to pay for Pepsi products. So this was a deal because the Soviet Union had no other way of paying Pepsi or any other people than in warships and military force.


This would affect the modern world since this is all naval, and the southeast side of Ukraine, with water exposure, is controlled by Russian forces, if these items that Pepsi was given for their Pepsi products, would have been given to Ukraine, it would give a larger standpoint for Ukraine as a better angle to take back their land that the Russian troops currently have on their water coastline. Of course, at this point in time, 17 submarines, and a variety of other warcraft would have cost well above 3 billion dollars. It probably would have been around eleven figures. 


But the question is how Ukraine would pay for the warcraft, well the resources that Ukraine is rich in are limited at this point in time but they do have a lot of natural ores and gas. But due to the fact that they are at war, it would be really hard to pay and Russia might take offense and go to war with the supplier.