MIS Dress-Code Affects Teenage Girls


June Mullin, Author

Have you looked at the MIS dress code? If you haven’t you should, even in small ways the MIS dress code is unjust to students. The MIS dress code is an act of gender inequality as it profoundly affects girls at this school.

On the MIS website, you can see the dress code, which states that students should be covered from shoulder to mid-thigh. It can be tough to find shorts that reach or go to mid-thigh. Also, it says NO excessively tight clothing, it shouldn’t matter if we show our body, as long as we don’t care.

I interviewed Ms. Frenzel who said that the dress code was made to match societal norms. But are these norms just? And who said these norms are correct? More than half of the MIS dress code affects girls and the way that dress. Throughout history, women have been told to hide their bodies and to be a perfect size.

  MIS says that in this case “They are expected to dress in a way that contributes to a healthy social environment and an academic atmosphere.” But at what point does it not include everyone having a healthy social society? What they say is not true and discriminatory to women who don’t care that they show their thighs or stomach.  Now, I have heard and seen a few people who like the dress code but most of which I have talked to have said they dislike or think the dress code is unfair.

This dress code was made to stop people from being discluded due to being unable to afford dress in the ”new trendy” way. so in a way, this could be an alternative for some students but due to my research, most girls and other students dislike or don’t care about the dress code.

Why do administrators think this dress code benefits kids? Does this dress code promote a better academic?

This must end.