Vandalism in the School


Amaya Dye, Author

Students have been vandalizing our school. Even though this problem has been happening since the start of the year, the problem has not yet been taken care of. It’s mostly in the school bathrooms and students have been doing this with markers and pens making it hard to clean.

In the School bathrooms there’s many vulgar words, like people talking badly of others and multiple inappropriate drawings. There are also phone numbers which should not be written in a public space.

This problem is a big issue because it’s just more work for the school cleaners especially because they don’t get paid enough to deal with this type of problem.

This problem can impact our school because when people take tours here, they may not choose to go to McAuliffe because of all the vandalism around the school.

So please stop vandalizing our school. It’s not helpful to anyone and it puts a bad outlook on our school.