Missing Math Class Sub – Students Left Unattended Multiple Times


Quinn Kauffman, Staff Writer

At least four times in total and at least two times in a row, period ⅚ of a math class at McAuliffe has been left unattended; no sub or covering teacher when the teacher is not present at school. For at least 15-20 minutes each time, students sit in an abandoned classroom with no adult present whatsoever, and sometimes with no lesson plan posted on Schoology or resources to do work. After the staff finds out, they send someone in to cover, no sub plans or lesson taught that day, which must be made up later. 

The latest occurrence was on Thursday, January 26, 2023. The students were unsupervised until lunch period; from 12:29 until 1:10, 40 minutes straight. During this time, poker games were played, using Connect 4 pieces as chips, along with an Uno tournament, people playing computer games, using Expo markers to draw a hangman game on the table, and almost everyone with their phone out. The teacher had even mentioned the day before that it was a planned absence, which begs the question if staff even knew they would be gone.

After lunch, one of the staff discovered that there was no teacher when he looked into the room on a quick glance. School staff was finally alerted and another teacher from a lower grade came in to watch the students for the last 40 minutes, still no curriculum being taught and no lesson made up the next day. It is unclear why no substitute teacher has ever been left for this class, especially when the class before had a sub. Additionally, because this is something that has happened multiple times, it is questionable that each time after the staff at school has been alerted, there is still the issue of a missing teacher the second time.