Summer Season Incoming

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Set of colorful emoticons, coronavirus emoji symbols, emoji wearing surgical mask. Vector icons, illustrations

Zenat Zumer, Writer

Summer is coming, and everything from fresh markets and many outside cafes are reopening such as Casa Bonita. I know spring is also on the way but we are still in school so why not change that into summertime enjoyment? Daylight savings is also announced a little earlier which was mainly about how time is taken off from early morning and placed in the afternoon to create a longer-lasting day and less nighttime.

Summer Season is getting closer and closer! Now we’re not just talking about summer sun and other fun summer projects but movies and fun places are also opening. Just like farmers’ markets around Denver such as flea markets, Colorado fresh market, South peal farmers market, and City Park farmers market, and tiny cafes have just opened up too, as well as festivals. Have you heard that many concerts are also coming to Denver such as A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie? I’ve never heard of it but it sounds classy. Lets to forget about Elich Gardens which is coming through most of June and July, if you don’t know what that is, it is an entertainment place for many families and has water parks and theme parks for everybody.  Plus the theme park is also close to many sights such as the Downtown Aquarium, Children’s Museum, and also a Cheesecake Factory (which is my personal favorite!)

Have you been thinking about what things you want to do over the summer season? Well here are some ideas, you can travel to many states for road trips and even go explore your backyard because a lot of animals are coming out over the summer from hibernation. You can also make fun little snacks and desserts, one little dessert you can make is Blue Berry Oat Squares which consists of a soft and chewy crust, a sweet blueberry filling, and a crumbly granola-like oat topping. You can prep this in just 15 minutes and they will be ready in 45 minutes. Others are strawberry popsicles and Banana Pudding, Mango Sago, and my favorite Glazed Lemon Blueberry scones. 

There are many ways to enjoy summer this year, like going on trips, visiting a place you’ve never been to, or even baking with family and friends. So, enjoy the incoming summer season.