The Jalapeno Challenge Trend

K'yana Barnett, Writer

The Taki and Jalapeno with cream cheese is a Tik Tok trending food hack also known as the Jalapeno Challenge. This trend is a spicy food hack and it includes Jalapenos and Takis with cream cheese. Once this trend was out, many people started noticing it getting views and opinions from others trying it. Soon after getting noticed it’s been on other social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. This challenge also gets tried by people who don’t even like spicy food however they can also end up liking it in a certain way. We all know that Jalapeno has spicy seeds in it and that’s the main reason this trend is a challenge. But if you’re not a spicy food you can carve the seeds out to make it not hot. Most people think that the cream cheese takes away the spiciness so you will have to try yourself. This hack is easy because all you need to do is get a jalapeno and cut the stem, then carve your seeds out if you want to then stuff cream cheese in there with a topping of takis put in there. This is what people eat so now you can try it yourself and see how you like it!