Katy Perry Delivers Baby Girl


Avery Rosenbaum, Writer

 Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcomed their daughter Daisy Dove Bloom On August 26, 2020 at the local hospital with a ‘safe’ and ‘peaceful’ birth into the world. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have been dating on and off since 2016, before they got engaged in February of 2019.  Katy Perry claimed she had ”always loved him” and ”knew it was the right time.” Together they had a child and named her Daisy. Fans found out all of this information about Daisy on an Instagram live stream including the gender, name, and size.

The couple’s fans found out of the announced birth via a black and white picture of Katy and Bloom holding Daisy’s hand. The couple also said they want Daisy to have a normal life, just like any other kid. Katy Perry claimed “We were both ready. It was no mistake, It was no accident and we were ready.¨ Katy even still was a judge on the successful show, american Idol, while still eight months pregnant.

Katy Perry somehow managed to continue to be the woman she was before carrying around a 10 lbs baby.  She attended the VMAS, and  put out a new record and album ¨Smile¨ Featuring a bunch of new songs.  In one of her music videos Never Worn White she even showed off a glimpse of her baby bump. Unfortunately all of this was postponed due to the global health crisis. Even her wedding was postponed this 2020, and Katy and  Bloom were to originally get married in Japan. “For us, it’s about partnership and it’s about right now taking it one week at a time. We had a whole thing planned and that got canceled,” Perry said in her Apple Music interview with host Zane Lowe. ¨don’t make too many plans this year, because it’s a real go with the flow time.”

¨The only thing I wasn’t necessarily prepared for is COVID and American revolution at the same time,” stated Perry. Perry also explained how  Bloom was already a father to 9-year-old son, Flynn with ex – wife Miranda Kerr. “I’d never necessarily wanted to be heavily pregnant while putting a record out, but that’s it. I do know that I want to put it out and then shift my energy a little bit,” she said. Thankfully after all of this chaos Katy and Orlando worked out the birth and now have their first born biological daughter, possibly not even the last.