Is “The Summer I turned Pretty” Really Worth Reading


Juliet Sherman, Author

The first book, “The Summer I turned pretty” is a coming-of-age romantic drama story about a girl named Isabelle, called Belly. She had gone to the Fisher’s gorgeous summer house on the beach every summer since she was a baby, and that was that. It was no doubt her favorite time of year. The owner of the summer house and Belly’s second mom, Susannah Fisher, were best friends with Belly’s mom. But this summer, things are different – and it’s not just something simple like how they have to include Belly now that she is older. Conrad (the first brother) and Jerimiah (the second brother) have taken to having a crush on Belly this summer, even though Conrad refuses to admit it. Things just aren’t the same as before. Belly is now torn between the two. To top all this confusion off, Susannah is acting differently – is her cancer coming back, and stronger than before? Overall the books, the story just gets more and more captivating.

There are two more books in this series (“It’s not summer without you”, and “We’ll always have summer”) which are about when a family friend has died, threatening their beach house tradition. This may be the first summer Belly has faced without the Fishers. These books are excellently written. Jenny Han has fantastic books you should definitely check out. I like how she wrote everything that Belly felt in every experience and used great adjectives to describe them. Han wrote a great hook and continues the story well, with captivating ups and downs. The only thing I don’t like is how the story continued slowly, with some hazy imagery. If I had to rank all the books, I’d rate them: #1: The second #2: The first, and #3: the last. The last book just wasn’t that interesting.