McAuliffe Covid Outbreak



Many teachers got Covid-19 at Mcauliffe in Mid to late January in 2023 because of poor hand washing and not doing simple things to control germ spread. This is something that made the local news and is affecting lots of students and teachers who are trying to do their job. Also, kids who are bringing home covid are affecting their parents which means that this can be affecting people outside the school space. This outbreak is unusual because almost 25 teachers got it which is crazy and that doesn’t happen that much at all in DPS.

The fact that our school almost had to go back to remote learning shows that McAuliffe students and teachers have to be much more careful than before. Because we became more cautious, we ended this outbreak within a few weeks. Next time if two or three teachers get covid we should take more  precautions so an outbreak this big won’t happen again.

This outbreak affected students’ learning because there were a lot of substitutes. When there were  a lot of substitutes, kids can’t get used to the teaching. Another reason this outbreak affected students is that substitute teachers did not know the answers to all questions students have. This can really affect students because it can affect their grade on that assignment which can be frustrating.

 Many Students and Teachers started wearing masks to slow down the spread of Covid in our school, which helped them avoid the virus. Most people who wore their masks during the outbreak never got Covid during the outbreak.

I think McAuliffe should have offered testing way sooner to prevent even more sickness spreading through the school.


Here are a few ways to avoid getting Covid-19

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and dry them well
  • Don’t share facial products like chapstick or any kind of makeup because they can contain other people’s germs 
  • Don’t touch your face or other high touch surfaces