The Reason I Don’t Bake

The Reason I Don't Bake

Emma Schwaberow , Writer

The first thing you do is you preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit you get out a big pool take your cake mix and get 8 oz of water then stir on low for about 1 to 2 minutes Start mixing on high for 1 to 2 minutes, pour in 3 oz of water in 3 oz of oil and continue mixing. Then grease your two pans,  pour in the batter, and put it in the oven for 27 to 30 minutes. Once they come out of the oven I would let them cool for a couple of minutes and then you want to level your cakes. For me it did not go super well but.  Cut off the top of the cakes so that they are even if they aren’t perfectly cut, you can put some of the white frostings in the middle of the two. Then cut off the tips of the blue, purple, and white frosting. Squeeze out purple, blue, and white icing all over your cake. There doesn’t have to be any design to this. Use a spoon or anything that will be helpful to spread the frosting around the cake. Then you spread it until the whole cake is frosted and you don’t see any more of the cake left. Use a knife or spatula to carve out your geode shape. You can customize the size and shape as wanted, but it doesn’t matter that much what the shape is. Add a little bit of the frosting on the inside of the cake as the “glue” so that the fondant sticks to the cake because of course, you don’t want the fondant to fall off of the cake Take small pieces of your white fondant and roll into a ball. Flatten the fondant into small sheets, and then still the fondant on to your cake, then cut the extra fondant from that cake that is hanging out of the cake. Cut the tip-off of the piping gel bag, then add a few drops of water to your gold edible glitter and mix with your paintbrush. Squeeze the piping gel into the center of your hole. The piping gel can dry so just do a little at a time. Put some of the clear gel in the middle of the cut from the shape of the good but wait till the gel dries a little then you can put the purple candies on the cake. Continue this process with blue rock candy. Fill all of the white fondant space in any pattern you want, Continue with white rock candy on the outside edge of your hole. This will hide the white fondant edges, Add a few drops of water to your gold edible glitter and mix with your paintbrush so that it is like paint, Paint the edge of the white rock candy with gold edible glitter, add stripes of gold edible glitter as desired around the cake if wanted. Then you can just enjoy the cake!

The cake was very moist because you put a lot of liquid in it. The frosting is a bit sweet for me and kind of tastes like fondant but if you get more cake then frosting it tastes really good.  The rock candies add a nice little crunch to it. I really like having different textures to the things I eat. If you go to you can order the kits online but you can also do it in person at their studio and you can also have birthday parties there.