Good Omens: By Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Good Omens: By Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Zoey Holmquist-Kuhn, Writer

This is the perfect book if you need a good laugh. It is an interesting and an enjoyable read. 

An 11 year old antichrist, an angel and a demon, two professional descendants, an interestingly accurate book of prophecies and a witchfinder army, what could possibly go wrong. 

As the days tick down to the end of the world, tensions are rising in heaven and hell where the angels and demons are anxiously awaiting the start of Armageddon and the great ineffable war. The four horsemen mount their steeds and a young witch prepares to find and destroy the antichrist before it is too late. 

This fantastical tale of great friendship, evil plots and hilarious occurrences mixes the perfect amount of fascinating and curious phenomenon and makes for an interestingly intriguing book that will keep you reading until the very end. The ridiculous but well thought out plot twists and wonderfully deep and funny characters can hook most audiences from about 11 years of age and up. Depending on the reader the book can be interpreted in many ways creating a unique experience for each person. Separately Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett do great work but together they are unstoppable geniuses of the pen.