The Murderer


Ethan Murch, Author

He crept down a dark hallway, his footsteps silent on the carpet. He is dressed in black clothing and has a knife and a gun tucked into his belt. He paces slowly toward the end of the hall, where he knows there will be someone waiting for him. He had been following his victim for a while now, and he was starting to get impatient. He knew that if he didn’t find her soon, he might lose her forever.


Suddenly, he spotted something moving in one of the rooms. It appeared to be a woman sitting on a bed. She looked up at him with wide eyes and said nothing. She just stared at him in terror. The murderer smiled wickedly as he shifted closer to her.


He stopped at the door to the room where he had planned to kill his next victim. There was no movement inside the room, no sound of breathing or any other signs of life. The murderer stepped forward and pushed the door open with his foot, then entered the room unchallenged by anyone inside. It was empty except for one small table near the window where there were ten chairs arranged around it, one for each who would die here today.


He found another person in the next room and held her hostage. She begged for her life and promised to tell him anything he wanted to know if he would only let her go unharmed. The murderer replied, “I will let you go if you promise me something,”

She nodded and pleaded, quivering, “Anything!”

“That’s better,” said the murderer, “The first thing I want? That your eyes never open again.”


In the darkness of the night, he creeps down a dark hallway in search of his next victim. He knows that he must kill again. He has been doing this for years and there is no end in sight. The murders are always done with a knife or gun, and they leave no evidence behind except for a bloody trail. He was a man who had no conscience. He was a monster, and he knew what he wanted.


He paused at each door, listening for any sign that someone was inside. If he heard nothing but silence, he moved to the next room. The first victims were easy to find because they were always alone, never expecting anyone to come into their apartment uninvited. The next victims were harder to track down.


This one lived with her husband and children, but she spent most of her time at work. She didn’t have time for murder when she could be spending time with her family instead. But finally, she was home alone! The murderer stood outside the window in which she sat reading a book. He watched her until it became clear that she was not going anywhere this evening. He smiled grimly as he prepared himself for what would happen next. He silently walked towards the door, twisted the knob, and the warm glow of the light inside flooded out and into the night…