iPhone 14 – Apple’s worst smartphone release since the iPhone 5c

iPhone 14 - Apples worst smartphone release since the iPhone 5c

Owen Williams, Author

If you have an iPhone 14… You made the wrong decision in buying it. Apple released their new iPhone 14 with the hope that people would buy it, even though there is virtually no difference from their older iPhone 13. While some people did, base models of the iPhone 14 sold worse than the previous iPhone 13. But why is the iPhone 14 so bad?

To start, let’s talk about the differences between the iPhone 14 and 13. There are only 2 differences. The first is the price. The iPhone 14 costs $100 more than the 13. The only other difference is the inclusion of an eSim. An eSim is a standard sim card, with normal internet speeds, but without the actual physical sim card, but making it easier to switch internet providers. However, when traveling to other countries, you can’t just buy a new sim card to get cell data in that country anymore, you have to contact an entirely new internet provider. This is a negative change. While you can initially connect to a provider faster, it makes it more difficult to switch, if you live in a new country for like a month, nope, no internet for you. The only possible positive is that the eSim is smaller than a standard sim card, making more room for the battery… Right? Upon testing, reviewers found that the iPhone 14 had 2 minutes less battery life than the iPhone 13.

Now, I want to make a point that I’m only referring to the base iPhone 14 model here, iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 pro models are both really good phones. But when it comes to the base iPhone 14, it is similar to the iPhone 5c in some ways. The iPhone 5c was released as a budget version of the iPhone 5, but was more expensive than the previous iPhone 4, and offered no obvious benefit, and it was made out of worse materials, had a smaller battery, and a more cut-down camera. So while the iPhone 14 release wasn’t as bad as the iPhone 5c release, don’t buy it. Wait for iPhone 15.