Ingrid Ball, Author

The knock on the door is what woke me up. I tried to get out of bed but my leg was too slow and it hurt. I tried to picture what I did the day before, but there was no school. Mom was probably home. Working late night shifts at the hospital meant that I had to be home alone often and was in charge of being home to the door when she got home.

Cold air washed in like a wave when I opened the door and snow sprinkled in like sugar. I shivered.
“Hi, mom.”
I looked up, but my mom wasn’t standing there. I was a man.


He wore a black suit and sunglasses that matched and an oversized top hat, and I couldn’t see the rest of his face due to the darkness. He stood there.
“I know what you are, child.” He said in a soft voice, which I did not expect.
“Excuse me?” I said.
“A…” he started.
“WHAT!” I yelled.
“Okay, Okay! Geez, you don’t have to yell.”
“I’m sorry. Just tired. Do you even know what time it is?!?!” I said.
He sighed a heavy sigh.
“Okay,” He said. “A…”
“GLITTERY FAIRY PRINCESS!” he shouted. “and I just thought that you should know that.”
I just stood there stunned.
“How do you…” I stuttered.
“I have many sources. And I also know all about your school life too. And that Billy guy too. I mean, I see why you like him…” I caught him looking at me.
I looked at him in shock.
“And who are you? You know about me so you might as well tell me about you.”
He took off his sunglasses and stepped inside. I closed the door. What was going to happen?
He swung off his giant jacket and I knew that I was looking at Billy. He was soo handsome. I drooled. He had giant glittery fairy wings and he wore a standing and fashionable suit fit for a KING! He was just too hot to resist.
“Hello my princess,” he said as he bowed down to me.
“I am price Billy, and my father, the King of my kingdom has sent me to fulfill our kingdom’s destiny. We shall be wed tomorrow.”
He was from the stardom kingdom?!?!
“Our kingdoms have the tradition of a special bonding in all of our beautiful fairy galaxies, meaning that we, the prince and princess of our kingdoms, will be wed to continue the bond.” I then realized that BILLY, the hottie of school, was proposing to, 13-year-old me!!
I was shocked. I never thought that I would ever get married.
“Yes!!” I screamed. “I WILL MARRY YOU!!!”
He took and step closer and took out something from his pocket. A RIIINNNGGG! AHHHHHHHH!
He gently placed it on my finger.
“We shall prepare the ceremony tomorrow.”
He leaned in and we kissed a romantic kiss. He tasted like raspberries.


We pulled away from our magical moment and took each other’s hand. We walked outside into the night and flew off into the starry night. HOW ROMANTIC!