Graffiti at School

Graffiti at School

Jeffrey Grant, Author

Graffiti in school has been a really big issue throughout this school year and schools have tried to prevent people from putting their name out in the bathrooms by using alcohol wipes and a bunch of other cleaning products but nothing really works.

In the boy’s bathroom, there have been many cases of graffiti and tagging, the teachers and deans have tried to catch the taggers and erase their names but they just tag them back on the walls.

 One of the cases of tagging went on for months on end, his tag was Ghost. Ghost would go to the bathroom and write Ghost all over the walls, mirrors, stalls, and dividers in different fonts, colors, and sizes. The deans and janitors would always erase everything that Ghost wrote but nothing would stop him and he would just keep tagging. Nobody knew who he was and still to this day nobody knows who he is. People have seen him running after the bathroom after he gets caught but they couldn’t catch him.


 After he stopped the graffiti went down until there was a new tag that started popping up which said ‘Star’. Star was doing the same thing that Ghost was doing which led people to believe that Star was also Ghost which all made sense because he was using the same markers and the same fonts. The school has really died down on trying to stop graffiti, they still erase it but they have almost stopped trying to find them. Aside from tagging, there is also just vandalism. People will come in with pens and just write inappropriate things, slurs, etc. 

There is constant vandalism in school and almost nothing the schools can do about it. The only thing the school could possibly do is to have an online school and I’m sure nobody in the school staff wants to do that again.