Blind Soccer-The Unknown Sport


Jude Yager, Writer

Seeing national soccer teams consisting of solely blind people is a thing people doubt and no one really talks about.

Blind soccer is a professional sport played by blind people, or people with very limited sight. Everyone must wear a mask over their eyes, which the referees supply so there is no cheating. The field is much smaller and there are only 5 people on the field at once on each team including the goalie. The goals are also way smaller. Everyone not playing must stay quiet unless they need to talk. That is because the soccer ball has ball bearings inside it causing it to make a noise so they can hear where the ball is. The goalie also is not blind, and does not have a mask on. While playing, there is a lot of dribbling because they can’t see their teammates, they can only hear them. Therefore, the goalie of each team leads the communication because he can see the whole field. The goalie also has a small area that he can stay in to make it fair. The goalie can not reach out of the area either to make it fair. In order for people to play blind soccer, you must be completely blind or B1 ranked which is very limited sight. Argentina is one of the best blind soccer teams and most well known. Their coach Martin Demonte is a great coach who is very passionate about soccer. He has been coaching since 2005. He does not tolerate tardiness, messing around or anything, he is a very serious coach. Demonte says, “I enjoy what I do and I’m very lucky, it’s a personal accomplishment of mine to see soccer become a rehabilitative sport and to work with great people who give it their all to perform at their best.” Argentina have won two world cups proving how good they are. Blind soccer is also in the Paralympic Games, an international athletics competition for people with a wide variety of disabilities.  The sport will hopefully become more popular around the world for requiring extensive skill.