Chadwick Boseman Never Said Anything About Cancer Diagnosis

Chadwick Boseman Never Said Anything About Cancer Diagnosis

Jacob Howe, Writer

     Chadwick Boseman’s stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis was not just hidden from the community, but also the studios who brought him his largest amount of fame, Marvel studios. In fact the head of the studio, Kevin Fiege was sent an email with limited information only an hour before the star’s death. An unknown source close to Boseman said Boseman thought he was going to beat cancer, and it wasn’t until a week before the star died that he understood the dire situation he was in. He found out his dire situation when his cancer was progressing slowly and getting worse. 

     Only a handful of people outside of Boseman’s family had knowledge of his diagnosis, including his producing partner, Logan Coles, his agent, his trainer and Brian Helgeland, the director of the star’s breakout film “42”. The star was able to avoid examinations on set because they are usually forgotten or ignored by producers and actors stated by a film finance attorney. 

     Disney, who has made no comments involving “Black Panther 2,” stated that they would rather mourn than make plans. He is a necessary part in the MCU (marvel cinematic universe) and has touched so many hearts. Since ‘Black Panther’, Boseman has been in other massive marvel movies such as “Avengers: Infinity war” and “Avengers: Endgame.  

     Even though Chadwick Boseman is gone, he will have died knowing loyal fans will watch his movies and remember him as well as his accomplishments for years to come.