America’s Best Desserts


Zora Hesselberth, Editor

America is very well known for having desserts at the end of a meal. There are also some very American desserts, like things that you go to eat at your grandma’s house or things that your teachers bring in. I mean it’s not like your teachers bring in creme brulee or tiramisu, so what are the most well-known American desserts around the world? 

The third best-known American dessert is apple pie. Pies did not originate in America but the apple pie did. This dessert dates back to the 1600s, before Independence Day. Pies are actually a lot more challenging to make than one might think. If you are making the dough homemade, it is quite a task. Then you have to chill the dough, roll it out, form it (without it getting too warm), and then you have to put the filling in the pie and make it. Plus the additional task of peeling and cutting the apples which are very hard to do without cutting yourself. This dessert is very popular in America during the holidays. Whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving, most households in America will have an apple pie. 

The second most popular dessert in America is the brownie. The brownie is a classic dessert here in America, lots of kids have them in their lunches, as a dessert after school, or after dinner. Brownies are fairly easy to make, as you just add flour, cocoa powder, eggs, and water. However, you can make them more interesting and add pieces of chocolate. Many people pair a brownie with ice cream or milk as they are sometimes very rich. The brownie is thought to be created in 1893.

Lastly, the best-known dessert in America is the chocolate chip cookie. This is a classic. Everyone has had a chocolate chip cookie before. Most people have even baked one before. Cookies are probably one of the easiest desserts to make, needing just flour, eggs, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. You can pair these with ice cream, and there are even ice cream sandwiches that have cookies as the cake part. It is such an easy recipe and an easy dessert to eat.