Online School Glitches Make it Hard to Learn


Annika Damon, Writer

As schools return online this fall, students in the U.S. have been running into many problems with the online school system when their computer crashes because of overuse of the school’s systems. 

One online school system, Blackboard, similar to Schoology, was experiencing delays for some students or not loading at all, which is a big problem because 70 of the nation’s biggest 100 school districts use Blackboard for online learning. 

While some school systems experience delays, some don’t work at all. For example the Miami-Dade school district system was hacked so when students got to class there was a blank screen that said we have run into issues or students could not hear their teacher so the teacher and students just left the call. This went on for four days before the hacker, a Miami-Dade student, was found responsible and arrested.

 At a school in Arizona a student used a fake email to get on their video call and started sharing an inappropriate video with the class before the teacher was able to intervene and stop them from sharing it.

Even without glitches and hacking, parents still face issues with online school. Some families with young children are having issues with figuring out who will take care of their kids while they are at their jobs. Other families face issues with not having the technology and WiFi to use during online classes. 

Overall returning to school online is difficult for all families, even if you have access to all the resources that you need.