The Best “Avatar The Way of Water” Character


Jaleah Albanez Oesterreich, Writer

*Spoiler warning ahead *

“Avatar The Way of Water” is one of the most highly rated movies throughout December 2022 and January 2023 it is the second movie from the movie “Avatar.” The movie is about the Sully family, Jake, Neyteri, Neytayem, Lo´ak, Kiri, and Tuk. Jake the dad’s enemy, Miles has returned but not as a human or a sky person as an avatar because in the first movie when he was defeated he was a human or a sky person, like Jake and his family he is now an avatar so he can have the same strengths that the avatars do and take revenge.

 In my opinion, Neytayem, the eldest brother, is the best character in the movie because he has the most exciting, caring, and outgoing personality compared to the other characters and is also such a great older brother to his three younger siblings even though Kiri his younger sister isn’t his biological sister. 

When Lo’ak Neytayem’s younger brother, fights with some of the kids from the Water Navi for bullying him and Neytayem’s younger sister Kiri, Neytayem helps defend Kiri and jumps in and helps Lo’ak. This shows how he is caring and cares about his younger siblings.

Neytayem is originally from the forest Navi but has to move to the Water Navi after his family got attacked by Miles and his crew when the water Navi welcomes him he is so lovely and calm about learning their ways when he could have been rude and selfish about it and trying to go back to the Forest Navi.