Flowers – Miley Cyrus

Flowers - Miley Cyrus

Ingrid Ball and Delaney Nakamura

Miley Cyrus’s new hit song-Flowers is no doubt a hit. On January 13th the song was dropped on all music platforms. Rumors are that it is pointed towards Liam Hemsworth and their two year relationship.
Miley teased the release of her new hit single and her new album by putting up billboards reading ” New Year. New Miley.” That could possibly mean she is out with the old in with the new relationships.
Fans speculate her single is about her ex-husband of 2 years, Liam Hemsworth (brother of Thor from the avengers). In her song one of the lyrics is ” built a home and watched it burn”, in which the ex-couple had a Malibu home that burned down because of California wildfires. Her song was also released on Liam’s birthday, January 13th. Their arguing led to them knowing this relationship wouldn’t work, “I didn’t wanna leave you baby, I didn’t want to fight”.
But that’s not all the drama, fans have brought together the connection between Miley’s song, ¨Flowers¨ and Bruno Mars’s song “When I was Your Man.” In Bruno Mars’s song one of the lyrics says “ I should’ve bought you flowers.” and Miley’s song lyrics are “I can buy myself flowers.” Then there is also a line “and held your hand” in Bruno Mars’s song but then in Miley’s song she says “ I can hold my own hand.” Lastly, in Bruno Mars’ song he says “…all you wanted to do was dance.” and in Miley’s song she says “ I can take myself dancing.” You might be wondering what Bruno Mars has to do with this. Well, they discovered that Liam once dedicated the song to Miley but it was never verified.
Do you think her song has to do with Liam?