Natural Disaster Life Saving Facts

Natural Disaster Life Saving Facts

Charlie Hubbard, Journalist

Natural Disasters, Mother Nature’s power. We all may have heard Mother Nature or Natural Disasters, well these facts might save your life from them

We have all heard of tornadoes before, but sometimes you may not be ready for one if your house is in the direct path of it. Tornadoes can be as weak as only uprooting trees or ripping off shingles of roofs. But some people don’t even realize the danger of natural disasters, but here are some tips that could save your life. Tornadoes can be dangerous when in the path of one. If in a direct path go to a bathroom, closet, basement, etc. that doesn’t have any windows to stay safe. EF5 tornadoes are the strongest with homes gone. Tornadoes happen around 1,000 times a year. Tornadoes can also range from EF-0 to EF-5. Many Disasters are dangerous so if you’re ever in a disaster have a preparation plan or evacuate.

Disasters can be evacuated to save your life, for hurricanes you most likely want to evacuate but if you can’t, get to the highest place in your house or somewhere else if the storm surge has started or before it starts. For a Tsunami, evacuate as well but also if you can’t, get to the farthest or the highest place possible most likely half of a mile or a mile away. For earthquakes, avoid tall buildings like skyscrapers or even a three-story or more building. For a Blizzard, stay inside and stay warm, you might have no power for a few days or weeks.

List of Disasters:

  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricanes
  • Tsunami
  • Earthquakes
  • Blizzards

and many more!