Above Average Guy Not Your Average Game


Caden Prescott, Writer

The game Above Average Guy is a small browser level game with lots of creative levels and full of content.


In this game  you have to beat different levels that are unique and creative and you have to do this while keeping your audience. You lose the audience when you die or mess up. This makes the game hard and interesting. Some of the levels involve puzzling skill and others require parkour skill and some levels need good gaming knowledge and some or harder then others all the way till the final hard level.


A cool part about this game is the art and imagination is plenty of fun, animations in the levels that give this game a fun time. There is also some funny cartoon art design that makes the game even better. On top of all this there are also some bad things like it’s short and sometimes lags.


 This game was created and  was developed by Chris Jeff at armor games a small game company that has made hobo guys above average guys and more they have funny styles of games and their games can be found on most unblocked sites and above average guys can be found in cool math games. Above Average Guy has been played 195,359 times and has over 1,240 ratings and 311 favorites and was made in December 20, 2013.

I think that this game is good for all ages above 7 or 8 but would be best for 10 and 11 year olds. There games are very small and don’t have a big fanbase but they had a big impact and changed the gaming standard for the best but I think that with there engaging funny style and crazy idea that this game is a 8/10 and is not your average game. https://www.coolmathgames.com/0-above-average-guy is where you can play