Why Students Can’t Use Computers in Homeroom

Why Students Cant Use Computers in Homeroom

Aliyah Cooper, Writer

Before the 22-23 Winter Break, Mr. Dennis, McAuliffe International School principal, announced that in 2023, all students could not use their computers during homeroom. Students would have to unplug their minds to hang out with friends or play (non-computer) games. Opinions on the statement are dividing the school. Some 8th graders believe this could be a good idea. However, some students are frustrated because they have missed

assignments to work on online. It is clear that this is problematic. Students should be able to work on tasks because it’s better for them to finish work than socialize. It is crucial that McAuliffe teaches students strategies not to lose track of missing work. And it’s also good to socialize with your peers because it helps you understand and get to know others.

However, in the 21-22 school year, students were able to use computers on a daily basis, and it didn’t turn out well. While some students used their time to catch up on missing work, many chose to play online games.

Computers are good for learning, and some days we know online. But computers can help you with learning how to type on a computer. And get smarter.