Why Airplanes are the Safest way to Travel


Zenat Zumer, Author

According to many reviews, airplanes are the safest way to travel because of the high airflow, and air efficiency and it is least likely to cause any deaths from fire or gravity. When traveling with a baby, let’s say on an airplane you are more likely to keep your baby safe as there are many instructions and applies to ensure you a good flight across the world.

Only one out of 11 million people will be in a plane crash in their lifetime. Dying in a plane crash is so unlikely that you’re far more likely to: Be born with an extra finger or toe! I know many news occur from plane crashes and close calls but they mainly happen because the plane was probably out of fuel or the plane was not checked correctly before take off.

Many stories also come from shipwrecks including, the Titanic, Flor de la Mar, and America’s biggest shipwreck the Golden Ray wreck which held up to 4100 vehicles and cost 200 million in damage.

A plane can hold up to 900 seats, which means 900 people + package at a time is very good. From reviews, it is better to fly a commercial airplane than to cruise the sea with a cruise ship, because it’s less intense and in honestly way cheaper.

Let’s talk about the characteristics of an airplane, did you know that airplanes could have upper decks? Well they in fact do, on the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747are globally famous for their upper decks and sheer size, the decks are for the elite and cost from a range of 30,950+ USD an hour which is a lot of money but it is probably worth it because of the view from above and the more relaxing and quiet it is. You also don’t have to worry about your food’s arrival as you might be the first few to get it first.

Have you seen the Airbus A380 well go search for it, because this has to be the most beautiful airplane in the world. For a fact it is the biggest ever passenger plane and travels over 700 mph, This seems amazing, right? Well, when things like this look fancy you know they have to be very pricey, Airbus A380 ranges from 37150+ USD for a passenger seat and 120,000+ for a first-class seat!

All in all, planes are very safe and are an easier way to get to your destination and or vacation.