Cheerleading at McAuliffe

Cheerleading at McAuliffe

Cece Palcso, Author

      At McAuliffe, there are many sports; basketball, volleyball, cross country, and more. But one sport, which is very important to all of the others, is not offered at McAuliffe. I am a competitive cheerleader, and I think it would be useful to have a cheer team at our school. 

      The purpose of cheerleading is in the name. To cheer people on with stunts and amazing acrobatics and skills. Since McAuliffe has so many sports teams to cheer on, a cheerleading team could be helpful to encourage them. Cheerleaders are the connection between the crowd and the team. 

      Cheerleading would not only benefit the other sports at McAuliffe but they would also benefit the cheerleaders too. Scientists have proven that cheerleading is very useful for mindset and health. A few advantages are sportsmanship, discipline, hard work, teamwork, confidence, and physical or mental health. 

      Cheer teaches kids how to work on a team and how to manage their time and strength. Cheerleading is just as much of a sport as football, baseball, or basketball. You need to work together to be on the same count and trust each other when you are doing stunts. 

      Cheer requires you to be on time, and put focus and work into the time you have to practice. You have to be able to make corrections and be a good sport when you get a position you might not want, though it helps teach you that you can have fun even if you don’t get what you want. 

      The Sundevil Sparklers could go to games and make up cheers and routines for that specific team. They could meet up and practice together twice a week after school in the gym and the day before the games. There could be one or two coaches that are also students, organizing and helping the team along.

      These are the reasons why McAuliffe should start a cheerleading team.