Nvidia announces New series of graphics cards on september, 8

Nvidia announces New series of graphics cards on september, 8

Stas Cielsik, Writer

Gamers all around the world have seen the numbers pascal was the biggest leap before and now here comes Ampere and crushes all records with 3090, the replacement for the titan which can constantly hit 60fps on 8k. Some gamers that tried that have said that it feels like cheating. Now not everyone can afford a 1400 dollar graphics card that’s why they also announced a $700 3080 and a $500 3070. They still have not announced the 2060 replacement probably called the 3060 .lets talk the 3080 this card is only a bit of a downgrade from the 3090 at 1700 less cuda cores but it has a lot less ram at 10 gb of GDDR6X compared to the massive 24 on the 3090.Nvidia says that it will be like the performance of 2 2080. Now the 3070 this thing is probably the best bang for your buck option at the performance of a 2080 ti last gens 1200 gpu and it’s only 500. The 3080 is the first to come out coming out on the 17 of September and then the 3090 at the 24 of September and the 3070 will come out somewhere at the beginning of octobre

Nvidia also announced their own line of 360hz monitors, an app for streamers that helps them with quality of stream and their own version of machinima. Let’s talk about the monitors there, just 360 hz monitors that can adjust your system latency and the 360 is the most we’ve seen science 240hz.the streaming app will probably not be used by middle schoolers unless they’re dropping 500 dollars or more to look cool on zoom. Machinima is basically using video game entities to make a movie or short video there version you can use a recording of yourself to motion capture the characters movement and it can use audio to make facial expressions that look like if the character would be saying the words from the audio. 


I will try to get benchmarks and a review of the cooling diesing of 3080 as soon as i can until then bye


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