Mickey Mouse Caught Vaping in McAuliffe School Bathroom

(Fake news)

Mickey Mouse Caught Vaping in McAuliffe School Bathroom

Ethan Murch, Author

Shock and disbelief spread through the McAuliffe School community after a student captured a photo of Mickey Mouse vaping in a school bathroom. This incident has ignited a debate about the dangers of vaping and how to stop this dangerous trend among young people.

A student said, “I saw the picture of Mickey on the vape and I was just like ‘Oh my God, this is happening in my school,’ and I was so angry because it looked so normal to me that someone would do that and not think about what it could mean for other people.”

Another student said, “I love this pic. But suppose you were caught vaping. How would you explain yourself? I feel bad for him, even though he did vape. Like, just imagine how much hate he is getting right now. He must be very embarrassed.”

Mr. Dennis, the school principal, said in an interview, “Vaping is a big problem in schools because people don’t realize the consequences. It can cause other students to try it when they see it, and it puts my school in a bad light.”

The issue of drug and alcohol use in schools has become a hot topic in the past few years due to the growing opioid epidemic. The Denver Public Schools Board released recommendations to tackle this issue as well as prevent future addiction from starting, specifically by implementing new policies that make it harder for students to “buy” drugs in school. Many schools have implemented these new policies that include banning “vaping products on or near school property,” along with prohibiting “any drug, prescription medication, or alcohol violation” and holding parents accountable for their children’s actions.