Capstone Projects Coming Soon


Zenat Zumer, Writer

8th graders are able to help the community every year with capstone projects. A project where McAuliffe 8th graders between winter and spring help the community in some way, some ways include helping animals, recycling, helping people in need and many more.  Many 8th graders take action which is physically going out into the world and doing something in their ability, while others are creating awareness slides for 6 and 7th graders to teach them a little more about awareness. Community service really helps students and even adults learn to volunteer without earning money, this teaches people how to be helpful and guide newer generations into the right path.

As a 8th grade student, in McAuliffe International, I am doing capstone projects and my project is about Animals and how to stop the cruelty among them.  I am sure many others are doing the same, which is really helpful to society as it brings awareness to animals that have not found justice and a happy home.

Some of last years greatest capstone projects were videos and bake sales. According to capstone projects some students made very good money to donate to their foundations in order to help out the community.

Many questions have come up about whether or not 8th grade students will have a half day after presenting capstone projects but I know we will definitely have a dress down day for sure!

Projects are submitted and presented on February 28, So buckle up and be sure to enjoy great days of kindness in the community!