The RTX 4090 Might Just be Able to Game at 8K


Owen Williams, Author

The RTX 4090 is the new most powerful graphics card in 2022. But can it handle 8K gaming?  8K is a screen resolution of 7680×4320 pixels, 4 times 4K. The higher the resolution, the harder it will be for the graphics card to put out a good performance.  A graphics card is a computer component that displays an output onto the computer display, TV, or monitor, and they are present in every computer. The RTX 4090 is the newest, most powerful graphics card from Nvidia. The card itself launched at a starting price of $1600, and the average 8K monitor/TV costs thousands. Even if you get your hands on a 4090 AND an 8K panel, you still need a powerful enough processor, and at least a 1000-watt power supply, which combined is going to be over $5000. So even if 8K gaming is possible, it is very expensive. But can the 4090 even handle 8K in the first place? We can determine this by seeing the average fps, or frames per second (higher is better) and if it is at least 60 fps, it is considered playable (depending on the game). We also need to see the average temperature, to see if the card overheats. Starting with Forza Horizon 5, which is playable at 50 fps, the 4090 gets 76 fps even with the best video quality settings at 8K. Next, Overwatch, in which at least 100 fps is recommended, the card manages 520 fps at max settings 8K. Considering Forza is one of the hardest games to run, this is impressive. The card also doesn’t overheat at all, not passing 80 degrees Celsius. This opens a whole new world because now it may be possible to game at 12K, 16K, and 24K (although no screens exist at that resolution). But is 8K even worth it? No. It’s not. An 8K display, monitor TV or otherwise, is hundreds of dollars more than a 4K display and I personally have seen 4K and 8K TVs next to each other, and I can barely tell the difference. Additionally, at 4K, you’ll get double the fps that you’ll get at 8K, making 8K basically pointless.