Microsoft Plans to End Windows 10 Support in 2025


Owen Williams, Author

The beloved windows 10 software will not be supported by Microsoft in 2025. Windows 10 is still used by millions of users around the world and is a more stable, and easy-to-use software than windows 11. Windows 11 can cause crashes and even delete your data and requires very frequent updates, while windows 10 is very stable and barely ever needs updating.

But what does this mean for windows 10 users?

When the dreaded day comes, no more windows 10 updates will arrive and windows 10 ISO will no longer be available (windows 10 ISO is what allows companies or users to install windows 10 on a newly-built computer). So no additional users will be able to download windows 10 through Microsoft. Current users can still use windows 10 through 2025, but there are security risks, as there will be no more updates. Microsoft is doing this because windows 10 has way more users than windows 11, and no one wants to switch, so Microsoft needs to force it to populate their newer software.

Is windows 11 worth it?

Currently, no. I would not recommend windows 11 for any users, as it can be incredibly unstable, harder to run, cause more lag in games, and even corrupt files or corrupt your entire storage device(s). However, these issues are rare, and updates are coming out regularly to fix these issues.

In conclusion, personally, I’m going to continue to use windows 10 until support ends (and I recommend you do the same), but then I’ll switch to windows 11, but not happily.