Hillstone is Incredible

Hillstone Interior

Hillstone Interior

Will Hogan, Writer

Hillstone is a popular restaurant in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, CO, and is known citywide for its fantastic food, cocktails, and casual style. It is a 4.6-star restaurant with seasonal dishes, great staff, and a great location filled with tons of fun places to go, eat, and have fun.

Hillstone boasts a menu featuring many different types of food. From sushi to burgers, you’ll find the menu mouth-watering. For about half a year, you can get incredible seasonals such as an artichoke and dip, great salads, and even better entreés. Some of the most popular foods include the cheeseburger, coconut rolls, artichoke and dip, and a great bread plate.

The restaurant may be a bit on the pricey side, such as a thirty-dollar Thai noodle salad, so you may want to save up for a great night eating at this wonderful restaurant. 

It never gets too busy, with wait times rarely exceeding thirty minutes for walk-ins, but instant seating if a reservation was made. You can choose to sit at the bar, a booth, or a table. Wherever you sit, it’s great service the whole time.

Hillstone is located in Cherry Creek and the area surrounding it boasts many great restaurants, such as Syrup, (another great place to eat may I add) places to shop, see, and just hang out. The front entrance is on University Boulevard, yet most people enter through the back entrance near the parking lot. Although the lot next to the place has been going through some renovations, making parking a greater difficulty, I think you’d find it worth it.

Make sure to make a reservation, or at least go and try the foods this place has to offer, and have a great time trying out this wonderful restaurant!