The Scoop on Lunch and Recess


Cece Palcso, Writer

For the past few weeks, there have been some huge snowstorms in our neighborhood. Last week Denver had its largest snowstorm in January in 30 years. None of the snow has melted either, making the weather miserable for many people.

Because of this weather, McAuliffe International School has decided to have students eat inside for a while. Many students end up having to share a seat with their friends just to sit with them. My friends and I find a benched table just to try and fit everyone. The tables where there are separate seats are a problem when the teachers and deans come to tell them to sit down and there is not a seat for them at the table. 

Indoor lunch is also very loud and could be scary for some people. I know a lot of people who do not like all the noise that happens. It is also hard to hear your friends during lunch. For me, lunch is one of my favorite times to catch up on what has happened.

On the other hand, many students enjoy indoor lunch because they like warmth while they eat. Also, outside, many of the benches and tables have snow on them which could be less comfortable for students. But some students argue that if we have indoor lunch, why not indoor recess?

Lots of students think that indoor recess is boring and not very fun. Others think it is better to have recess indoors because it is so cold. Usually, recess is outside because kids need to get out their energy and be focused for the rest of the day. Recess is the time for kids when they run around and take a break from learning. 

Middle school students have a lot on their plate and sometimes forget things. Some of my friends forget a jacket once in a while and are cold during recess.  In my opinion, there should be a separate lost and found for jackets, near the doors going outside so if a student forgot a jacket they can take one and return it afterward. It would also make it easier to find a jacket once you’ve lost it.

All in all, lunch and recess are most students’ favorite times of the day, and no matter where they have it, everyone has a good time.